5 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman

With all the rumblings surrounding the news that the CW is working on developing a new Wonder Woman TV series a la ‘Smallville,’ the big question is: who will portray the lasso-swinging future Amazon heroine? Here’s our pick for the five actresses who would be fit to fill Lynda Carter’s shoes on the small screen.

1. Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath, best known as the evil sorceress Morgana Le Fey on BBC’s hit television show ‘Merlin,’ fits the bill with her pale skin, bright blue eyes and long black hair. Action scenes are no stranger to her, either. In season one of ‘Merlin,’ she crossed blades with Bradley James’s Prince Arthur Pendragon with ease. (She’s also a decent actress as well.) Fans of ‘Merlin’ would enjoy watching her play the heroine for once.

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